Moroccan Tomato Eggplant Salad (Zalouk) | Vegan & Gluten Free

If you like Mediterranean flavors you will definitely like this salad! I love all kinds of dishes with eggplant and this one I make a few times a year because it’s easy and so versatile. Zalouk is a traditional Moroccan salad made with cooked eggplant and tomatoes, that’s usually served warm as dip or spread. 

10 Ingredient Sweet Potato & Quinoa Casserole | Vegan, OF

Whether you’re looking to meal prep for a few days or make a quick dinner, this sweet potato & quinoa casserole will make a great choice. It’s super nutritious, delicious and very easy to make. This recipe calls for simple ingredients and can be adjusted easily by adding more spices or flavors and can be 

Instant Pot Kale Split Pea Curry| Vegan, 10 Ingredient

Not all cooking should be complicated and time consuming especially when you own an Instant Pot. I swear by it and ever since I bought it I use it weekly! This recipe is a very good example of how you can use your Instant pot and a few simple ingredients and create a delicious and 

Tahini & Maca Golden Milk | Vegan, Dairy-free

Wether you’re looking for a coffee alternative or a comforting drink for any time of the day this one will definitely do for both! Turmeric lattes have become increasingly popular the past couple years. This warming drink originates in India where it’s traditionally consumed for its amazing health benefits. It contains spices such as turmeric, 

Cajun Sweet Potato Croutons | Vegan

If you like Cajun seasoned stuff you will love these croutons! Sweet potato goes really well with cajun and these crispy little bites are the perfect topping for salads, bowls, soups or as a healthy snack! Cajun is a mix of spices like paprika, cayenne, garlic powder, pepper and oregano and it goes great with 

Persimmon Maca Protein Nice cream| Vegan & Dairy-free

Persimmon is a fruit that I don’t get to eat too often but when I find them during fall and winter I make sure to buy as many as possible. They are perfectly sweet and juicy, so how can you not like them? I had a lot of extra persimons so I decided to put 

Turmeric Tahini Roasted Cauliflower Bites| Vegan

I don’t know about you but cauliflower is my favorite cruciferous vegetable because you can cook it in so many different ways and make it taste delicious! This recipe is very simple and I make it here and there when I’m craving a salty, crunchy – but still healthy- snack. To create these turmeric tahini 

Perfect Dill Hummus Dip |Vegan

I know I’m not the only one who ends up with a bunch of herbs in the fridge and doesn’t know what to do with them. Today I found myself stuck with a bunch of dill that didn’t have much life left to it, so I came up with an idea to use it in 

One Bowl Vegan Banana Walnut Muffins| Refined Sugar-free

Banana bread is the perfect treat when your sweet tooth calls for cake! I love making cakes but I am not a fan of making a mess in the kitchen and having to wash a bunch of bowls after I’m done baking. Also I don’t like complicated recipes! If you guys are like me, you 

The Best Spirulina Protein Smoothie

I know so many people are not fans of spirulina due to it’s rather strong algae smell but it is so beneficial for our health, that is a sin not to include it to our diet. It is so easy to mask the flavor anyway so if you make my recipe you will end up 

Perfect Roasted Golden Beets

One of the vegetables I find myself more often cooking especially in winter is beets! I used to love beets since I was little! My mom would usually just steam them or boil them. I still do the same sometimes but honestly that’s a rather messy way to cook them since they tend to stain 

Tahini Pasta Salad with Roasted Acorn Squash

I know pasta salads are more of a summer dish but I was in the mood for some so I came up with this quick recipe which is perfect for winter. This pasta salad includes acorn squash, a favorite fall/winter vegetable, and a beautiful tahini dressing which pairs the nutty flavor of the squash amazingly! 

Two Bean Salad with Vegan Feta and Fresh Herbs

Honestly that was supposed to be a three bean salad. I could have sworn I had more beans in my pantry but I didn’t. So there you have a delicious two bean salad! I was still satisfied with the result and I had to share this easy recipe with you for an easy and quick 

Easy Tofu Feta Cheese | Vegan

A lot of us have something we miss when going vegan and for me that’s feta cheese. Being Greek I sometimes crave a piece of feta cheese with my favorite recipes. Hopefully there are a lot of vegan options nowadays for vegan cheeses but I also have a way to create my own vegan feta 

Sweet Potato Tofu Curry |Vegan

I am definitely not the best at cooking curry dishes but I love to experiment and create a delicious curry dish using simple ingredients and without having to spend hours in the kitchen. If you also want to make a delicious dish with pantry friendly ingredients continue reading through this recipe because it’s simply great. 

Matcha Dusted Chocolate Tahini Fudge | Vegan, 4 Ingredients

I have the perfect little sweet snack for you and it’s only made with 4 ingredients! If you guys have a love for chocolate and matcha you will love this fudge. I love fudge but usually never find any vegan around to buy and it’s is always full of sugar which I dislike. I have 

Avocado Matcha Protein Pudding | Vegan, Dairy-free

I had a few avocados that were about to go bad in the fridge and had no idea what to do with them. So I sliced them and put them in the freezer so I can use them for smoothies later. After a few hours I came up with the idea of making a pudding 

Perfect Herby Lentil Salad with Whipped Lemon Dressing

Lentils are my favorite beans! They are super healthy being rich in fiber and protein , and rich in prebiotics making it so beneficial for your gut. I love my lentil soups but sometimes you just crave a good salad with lentils even though it’s freezing outside! This Mediterranean inspired lentil salad is dreamy! Its 

Easy Potato & Cauliflower Au Gratin | Vegan, Gluten-free

Hello and happy new year everybody! I hope your holiday was amazing and had lots of yummy vegan food! I hadn’t had much time to cook these past couple of weeks but I had a cauliflower in my refrigerator that needed to be cooked immediately! So I remembered a recipe my mom used to make 

Garlic Soy Glazed Eggplant | Vegan

Who doesn’t like a good stir fry? Especially when it’s made in under 20 minutes and tastes amazing! Stir fries are the ultimate comfort food especially for busy weeknights! One of my favorite vegetables to stir fry is Chinese eggplant. I love it because it’s sweeter than Italian eggplant and slightly faster to cook! This 

Adaptogenic Matcha Latte | Vegan, Dairy-Free

If you guys had a stressful couple of days and looking for ways to relax and unwind I have the perfect drink for you. Cutting down on caffeine is definitely helping when you’re trying to reduce stress, so if you’re looking for an alternative to your coffee matcha is great. Yes, matcha contains caffeine but 

Gut Healing Miso Salted Hot Chocolate | Vegan, Dairy-free

Yes, you read right! This hot chocolate recipe contains miso! I know you’re probably thinking how can you even pair those two, but trust me this combination is unreal. We all know that an add of salt makes sweets even more decadent and miso is salted. Added to hot chocolate it gives a slight saltiness 

One Pot Lentil Sweet Potato Chili | Vegan

It’s starting to get really cold out here so I’m increasingly craving soups and warm meals and of course there’s nothing cozier than a big bowl of chili! Usually chili would contain a mixture of beans but I decided to try something different, so I came up with this lentil chili recipe and I was 

Broccoli & Mushroom Brown Rice Casserole | Vegan, Oil-free

Whether you’re looking for an easy and delicious dinner, or to meal prep for the days ahead, this recipe will definitely please you. This is a perfect example on how to use simple foods you already have lying around in your fridge and pantry in a creative way and make a nutritious and comforting meal. 

Peanut Butter Glazed Crispy Tofu | Vegan, 6 Ingredients

We all love us some nice baked crispy tofu bites. Be it a snack, or a topping on our salads and bowls, it’s a great way to add some flavor, texture and of course a good dose of protein to our meal. I love to meal prep some baked tofu every week. It’s easy, relatively 

Maple Tahini Matcha Latte | Vegan

I’ve said it again, I have a favorite ingredient combination and that is tahini-matcha. In a previous post I shared my matcha Tahini chia pudding recipe and of course I had to share a matcha latte that contains tahini as well. There’s just something amazing about combining those two ingredients together! The bitter toasted sesame 

Creamy Tomato Baked Orzo with Vegetables | Vegan

Orzo is a staple in Greek cuisine and I’m Greek so I’ve had my fair share of orzo dishes in my life. I love orzo in cold salads and soups but especially like it in casseroles when the weather is cold. This recipe is perfect for days when you’re craving a delicious homemade meal but 

Harissa Tahini Dressing | Vegan, Dairy-free, Oil-free

Tahini dressings are my favorite! They’re creamy and tangy and make the perfect partner for your roasted veggies or green salads. Usually my tahini dressing is pretty basic with just some lemon juice and water but occasionally I like some spice so what better way to spice things up than with harissa paste. This four 

High Protein Banana Oatmeal Bread | Vegan & Gluten-free

If you want dessert for breakfast and you want a good amount of protein as well continue reading because this recipe will do both for you. I know oatmeal bowls are delicious and fun but sometimes you just want to bite on a warm loaf with some nut butter spreaded on it, along with your 

Golden Milk Mango Protein Smoothie | Vegan

Everyone has a favorite smoothie that they make over and over. For some that’s a green smoothie, for others a chocolate smoothie but for me that’s a golden milk mango smoothie! I make different smoothies all the time but I find myself making this one over and over because it just tastes amazing and is 

Tahini Roasted Winter Vegetables |Vegan

I don’t know about you, but I find myself roasting vegetables quite often. Fall and winter are also my favorite seasons to roast veggies since there are so many great seasonal vegetables around! In this quick and easy recipe I chose some beautiful winter vegetables to roast that we all love! Acorn squash, butternut squash 

Creamy Butternut Squash Rotini Pasta Bake | Vegan, Gluten-free, No Boil

Whether you’re looking for a Thanksgiving side dish or an easy and comforting fall dinner I have the perfect recipe for you. This amazing fall casserole has all the things we love combined. Pasta, sweet butternut squash, creamy texture and warm spices! It’s super easy to make and rather quick, especially if you plan ahead 

Warm CousCous Salad with Harissa Roasted Carrots | Vegan

How can you not like couscous. This -often confused for a grain- tiny pasta is made out of small steamed balls of semolina flour. It’s one of the easiest, fastest and most versatile side dishes you could make. You can have it with stews, with saucy dishes or in salads and you can flavor it 

Pear Smoothie With Chocolate Sunflower Butter | Vegan & Gluten-Free

Even though the weather has gotten cold, a smoothie is still a great way to get your nutrients easily and effortlessly while on the go. This week found me with lots of pears that we always forget to eat, so I thought how about making a smoothie for breakfast after my workout. I usually add 

One Bowl Pumpkin Oatmeal Bars | Vegan, Gluten-free

I said I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin desserts but it doesn’t hurt to experiment with some recipes, especially when you have leftover pumpkin purée and look for something simple and quick to make. These Pumpkin Oatmeal Bars literally took me 10 minutes to put together! I mixed everything in one bowl, threw some 

Perfect Lentil Lasagna Soup | Easy, One-pot

It’s officially soup season! It’s getting colder outside so we’re increasingly craving warm, comfort foods! Soups are a great way to warm up and boost our immunity and this lentil lasagna soup will do just that. And because no plant based food blog would be complete without a lentil soup recipe, I’m sharing with you 

5 Ingredient Matcha Tahini Chia Pudding |Vegan & Gluten-Free

We all have some favorite ingredients that go inseparably for us! For me one these unbeatable combinations are matcha and tahini! I love matcha everything and I have tried every nut butter and nothing compliments its flavor quite like tahini does. The earthy and slightly bitter taste of it goes so well with the vegetal 

Lemon Mustard Sauteed Mushrooms | 15 Minutes

How can you not love mushrooms? There’s so many different kinds, they’re healthy, they’re tasty and you can cook them a million different ways! You can eat them raw, you can roast them, add them in salads, sauces, you name it. In this recipe I created a side dish that’s full of flavor, with just 

Easy Pumpkin Bread | Vegan, Dairy-Free

I have to admit I’m not a big pumpkin anything person. I never had a pumpkin latte and I barely ever crave any baked pumpkin goods. I do like fall though and I will have an occasional pumpkin muffin with my coffee or tea. I like the warming, spicy flavor of a pumpkin cake or 

The Ultimate Kale Salad | Just mix and serve

I love kale! I usually get tired of greens and switch from kale to spinach to mixed greens but I always seem to have more fun with kale than other greens. I can eat kale salads every day since the combination options are endless but sometimes I just want to enjoy a very simple more 

Spicy Butternut Squash Black Bean Curry | Dairy-Free, Vegan

I’m definitely not an expert when it comes to curry dishes but I love to experiment and try different combinations. I love a curry that’s not overpowering, it’s mildly spicy with different vegetables and somewhat creamy. This vegan curry is of course a fall curry! The main ingredient is a fall favorite vegetable, butternut squash. 

Greek Inspired Garlic Baked Fries

Who doesn’t like French fries? Crispy with a soft center, these are so hard to resist! It’s just so hard to only have one of them! If you’re trying to avoid them because they’re deep fried and rich in oil, think again! Baking them will give the same texture and taste while keeping away all 

Sesame Glazed Acorn Squash | Vegan

I said it again! Acorn squash is my favorite fall vegetable. It looks so fun with its ribbed shape that makes any dinner look fancy. You really don’t have to overcomplicate things when cooking it either. It has a great taste on its own -slightly sweet, buttery and nutty- so just with a few more 

Immune boosting Chocolate Smoothie Bowl |Vegan & Gluten Free

I know it’s getting cold and most people rely on porridges and oatmeal for breakfast but I was in the mood for something cold and creamy and so this chocolate smoothie bowl was created. It turned out so good so I had to share the recipe with you! This smoothie is not only delicious and 

Acorn Squash Chickpea Casserole

I’m not a huge fan of fall but I have to admit the season has to offer some amazing fruits and veggies. Some of these vegetables are of course squashes. There are a few different varieties of squashes and I love how versatile these vegetables are. Whether in desserts or savory dishes and salads they 

Easy Lentil Bolognese Lasagna |high protein

Who doesn’t love lasagna? Multiple layers of pasta and sauce make the perfect comfort food. Even though a lot of people are intimidated by the lasagna making process, they’re surprisingly easy to make. You will find this recipe very simple and quite quick to prep. You just need some planning with the lentil soaking. These 

Curry Mandarin Tahini Dressing

Salad dressings are very easy to make and the options are endless. All you need is your imagination and simple ingredients. This vegan and gluten free salad dressing takes two minutes to make and tastes amazing. I had some mandarin oranges that nobody was eating, so instead of throwing them out I squeezed them added 

Vegan Matcha Coconut Bounty Bars | No Bake

We all have some candy that we loved as kids and wished it was vegan. I have a few that candy bars that I miss and one of my favorites are Bounty bars (or Mounts in the states). Thankfully they are pretty effortless to veganise and so I decided to give it a try and 

5 Minute Tofu “Egg” Fried Rice | Vegan

The one thing I miss about being vegan is the texture of fried eggs even though there are a few vegan egg products nowadays. I hate to order my fried rice with no egg and most Chinese restaurants don’t have a vegan egg option. But thankfully, it is actually very easy to imitate egg with 

Split Pea Soup with Caramelized Onions |Vegan

Split peas are a staple in Greek cuisine. Whether in soups or salads they make a great meal or side dish that is high in fiber and protein. They are easy to cook and pair well with pretty much any dish. One of my favorite ways to cook split peas is in a soup with 

12 Minute Mushroom Brussel Sprout Stir Fry

I had extra vegetables in the refrigerator and so I decided to cook something quick and easy (as always) or I would end up throwing them out. This stir fry turned up to be delicious and I think I found a new way to cook my brussel sprouts in the future. You can make this 

No Boil Creamy Chicken Rotini Casserole (Vegan & Gluten Free)

If you are looking for a dinner that won’t take hours to prepare and won’t get your kitchen messy but will be delicious and comforting for busy days then this will be it. All you need for this awesome vegan and gluten free casserole, is some pasta, some vegetables, some vegan chicken and some very 

Berry Tahini oatmeal (vegan & Gluten Free)

I know making oatmeal is not that big of a deal but that doesn’t mean it should be boring. There are millions of different ways to cook oatmeal but one of my favorite ones is cooking it with mixed berries and drizzling it with lots of tahini. The combination is just divine! This oatmeal will 

Creamy Butternut Squash Soup (Vegan & Gluten Free)

It’s officially soup season and fall vegetables make it more exciting! I love soups that are healthy, creamy, slightly sweet and of course quick and easy to make and this one is exactly that! You literally just dumb everything in a pot and simmer to perfection. This soup is pretty low on fat and sodium 

Immune Boosting Ramen Miso Soup with Vegetables

Winter is coming and some of us might feel a little under the weather with the weather getting colder. Soups are a great way to hydrate and strengthen your immune system. One of my favorite soups to make, is miso soup. Usually when it comes to miso soup, you’ re thinking of the cloudy soup 

15 Minute Eggplant Tofu Stir Fry

If you are pressed for time and don’t know what to do with your eggplants, maybe you should try this easy and quick stir fry! All you need is some chinese eggplants, zucchini and any other vegetable you would like to add and of course your protein, tofu! You can have this with some noodles 

Butternut squash Chickpea Soup (Perfect for fall)

If I had to chose one bean to eat for the rest of my life, that would definitely be chickpeas. They are high in protein and good for your gut health and there are so many ways to cook with them. My favorite and easiest way to enjoy chickpeas is in soups. Especially when using 

Peanut Butter & Jelly Oatmeal (High Protein and Omega 3)

Hello! If you want a breakfast that will take you less than 10 minutes to make and that will keep you full for hours this oatmeal is great for you. It is high in protein, fiber and omega 3s and high in antioxidants if you chose a homemade berry jam. I used my homemade berry 

Warm Mediterranean Orzo Salad with Roasted Veggies

This salad won’t take you more than 30 minutes to make. It’s very simple, yet delicious and nutritious. All you need is a couple veggies and orzo! You can definitely modify by adding more of less spices and vegetables. I would say though, don’t skip sautéing your orzo and letting it get this golden color! 

Warm Chocolate Chia Pudding

Ingredients: 1 cup sweetened soy milk 2.5 tbsp chia seeds 1 tbsp flaxseed meal 1 tbsp maple syrup 1 tbsp cacao powder 2, 3 drops vanilla extract pinch of cinnamon pinch of salt Directions: In a small saucepan add the soy milk and put it on medium high heat Add chia seeds, flaxseeds mean and