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Tahini & Maca Golden Milk | Vegan, Dairy-free

Wether you’re looking for a coffee alternative or a comforting drink for any time of the day this one will definitely do for both! Turmeric lattes have become increasingly popular the past couple years. This warming drink originates in India where it’s traditionally consumed for its amazing health benefits. It contains spices such as turmeric, 

Persimmon Maca Protein Nice cream| Vegan & Dairy-free

Persimmon is a fruit that I don’t get to eat too often but when I find them during fall and winter I make sure to buy as many as possible. They are perfectly sweet and juicy, so how can you not like them? I had a lot of extra persimons so I decided to put 

Adaptogenic Matcha Latte | Vegan, Dairy-Free

If you guys had a stressful couple of days and looking for ways to relax and unwind I have the perfect drink for you. Cutting down on caffeine is definitely helping when you’re trying to reduce stress, so if you’re looking for an alternative to your coffee matcha is great. Yes, matcha contains caffeine but 

Gut Healing Miso Salted Hot Chocolate | Vegan, Dairy-free

Yes, you read right! This hot chocolate recipe contains miso! I know you’re probably thinking how can you even pair those two, but trust me this combination is unreal. We all know that an add of salt makes sweets even more decadent and miso is salted. Added to hot chocolate it gives a slight saltiness 

Maple Tahini Matcha Latte | Vegan

I’ve said it again, I have a favorite ingredient combination and that is tahini-matcha. In a previous post I shared my matcha Tahini chia pudding recipe and of course I had to share a matcha latte that contains tahini as well. There’s just something amazing about combining those two ingredients together! The bitter toasted sesame 

Harissa Tahini Dressing | Vegan, Dairy-free, Oil-free

Tahini dressings are my favorite! They’re creamy and tangy and make the perfect partner for your roasted veggies or green salads. Usually my tahini dressing is pretty basic with just some lemon juice and water but occasionally I like some spice so what better way to spice things up than with harissa paste. This four 

Golden Milk Mango Protein Smoothie | Vegan

Everyone has a favorite smoothie that they make over and over. For some that’s a green smoothie, for others a chocolate smoothie but for me that’s a golden milk mango smoothie! I make different smoothies all the time but I find myself making this one over and over because it just tastes amazing and is 

Immune boosting Chocolate Smoothie Bowl |Vegan & Gluten Free

I know it’s getting cold and most people rely on porridges and oatmeal for breakfast but I was in the mood for something cold and creamy and so this chocolate smoothie bowl was created. It turned out so good so I had to share the recipe with you! This smoothie is not only delicious and 


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