5 Minute Tofu “Egg” Fried Rice | Vegan

5 Minute Tofu “Egg” Fried Rice | Vegan

The one thing I miss about being vegan is the texture of fried eggs even though there are a few vegan egg products nowadays. I hate to order my fried rice with no egg and most Chinese restaurants don’t have a vegan egg option. But thankfully, it is actually very easy to imitate egg with just tofu and some spices.

In this recipe I made a fried rice with tofu “egg” in literally 5 minutes. All I used was some leftover steamed rice, a few vegetables and tofu. I first sautéed crumbled tofu with turmeric and some more spices, then I steamed some thinly diced carrots in the microwave and I sauteed everything with the steamed rice and some soy sauce.

This recipe will yield one serving and you could double up the ingredients if you would like more servings . You can definitely add more vegetables if you would like. You will love this on a busy night when all you have is a few minutes to cook and just need some comfort food. I will be keeping steamed rice in the fridge now just to make this!


for the tofu “egg”

for garnish:


  • In a bowl mix all the tofu “egg” ingredients (oil, turmeric, pepper, ginger powder, salt and nutritional yeast) besides tofu.
  • Put a large pan or wok on medium heat, add your crumbled tofu and the oil and spice mixture and sauté for about a minute until the tofu turns yellow reminiscing a fried egg.
  • Meanwhile put your carrots in a small bowl with a splash of water and microwave for a minute until they get just a bit soft
  • Add the carrots, peas and rice in the pan with the water and soy sauce and stir around to combine. Let sauté for about 3 minutes, stirring every 15-20 seconds or until you notice the rice and veggies starting to brown slightly.
  • Remove from heat, serve in a bowl and garnish with some scallions, sesame seeds and sriracha and enjoy!

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