Immune boosting Chocolate Smoothie Bowl |Vegan & Gluten Free

Immune boosting Chocolate Smoothie Bowl |Vegan & Gluten Free

I know it’s getting cold and most people rely on porridges and oatmeal for breakfast but I was in the mood for something cold and creamy and so this chocolate smoothie bowl was created. It turned out so good so I had to share the recipe with you!

This smoothie is not only delicious and creamy with a mousse like consistency but also extremely healthy. High in antioxidants from the cacao powder, banana and turmeric, high in protein and healthy fats and also with plenty of fiber to keep you full for hours.

I also added my favorite immune boosting powder, Four Stigmatic 10 Mushroom Blend. This powder contains 10 different adaptogenic mushrooms than support your immunity while keeping your alert and focused.

I promise you this vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free smoothie bowl will be the sweetest way to start your morning !

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  • In a blender add all your ingredients and blend on high speed until smooth.
  • You might have to stop and scrape the sides once or twice until everything is well incorporated.
  • If you prefer your smoothie more chocolatey, you can add more cacao powder.
  • You can garnish with some granola or fruits and nuts and enjoy this as a smoothie bowl.

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