The Ultimate Kale Salad | Just mix and serve

The Ultimate Kale Salad | Just mix and serve

I love kale! I usually get tired of greens and switch from kale to spinach to mixed greens but I always seem to have more fun with kale than other greens.

I can eat kale salads every day since the combination options are endless but sometimes I just want to enjoy a very simple more minimalistic version so I can enjoy and appreciate the earthy and hearty flavor of it!

This salad allows you to do just that! Enjoy kale as is. It is very simple, combining nothing other that curly kale, garlic, spices, some vinegar, oil and the secret ingredient that makes this irresistible – nutritional yeast!

You want to chop your kale quite finely and massage it with the spices and liquids well so you soften it and it gets infused with the flavors. This process will also make it easier to digest. And make sure you remove the stems!

At the end of massaging your kale, you will add your minced garlic and nutritional yeast for a nice spice and slight cheesy flavor that will compliment your salad beautifully.

You can make a bigger batch of this and even enjoy it the next day and you can add as much nutritional yeast and garlic as you want!

I promise you, you will love this salad that much that you will be craving it over and over!



  • Place your kale in a bowl
  • Add your spices, olive oil, soy sauce, lemon juice and vinegar and massage your kale for a minute until tender.
  • Add garlic, sesame seeds and some more nutritional yeast, mix and serve.

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