My name is Katerina and I love a lot of things among which one is food! 
I have been a foodie since forever, but it wasn’t until I turned vegan 4 years ago that I actually started having more fun with cooking and believe it or not exploring more foods and recipes.
Now one thing is for sure, I’m not a professional cook and I hate to follow difficult recipes!
I also hate to overcomplicate things and spend a lifetime in the kitchen prepping and cleaning after.
I love to cook simple, delicious things that don’t take too much time to make and with ingredients that you most probably always have in your pantry.
I also like to be creative with leftovers and show you how you can easily use yesterday’s dinner so make something fun to eat for lunch. 
So guys, 
If you’re tired of spending 2 hours in the kitchen to cook a banana cake and then wash a sink load of dishes and spoons you’re at the right blog.
Also you won’t have to keep scrolling down to get to the recipe because you won’t have to read how my cousins birthday party inspired me to make that quinoa salad.
Because I know you don’t care and just want to read the freaking recipe! 
So that’s it! 
I hope you enjoy my receipts as much as I do!